Commitment to child safety

Information on Off The Track's child safety policy and procedures

Off The Track is committed to ensuring that our activities are conducted in a manner that ensures the safety of children at all times, and we are committed to meeting regulatory requirements for the protection of children in every country in which we operate.

Off The Track subscribes to the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations (Australia). Our implementation of the principles is ongoing.

In Australia, all volunteers over the age of 18 who are frequently engaged by Off The Track must hold a valid Working With Children Check or Blue Card in their state of residence if it is reasonably expected that they will have contact with children in any capacity while conducting activities for, or on behalf of, Off The Track.

In other countries, volunteers over the age of 18 are not required to obtain a WWCC, DBS check or other equivalent background check, unless it is required by law to be screened prior to interacting with children.

Prior to volunteering, all adults who act in any capacity for or on behalf of Off The Track must disclose if there is any reason they believe they are not able to work with children.

Communications with children made by an adult volunteer on behalf of Off The Track always occur in the presence of another adult.

All messages sent from Off The Track accounts are monitored and are always accessible by more than one Production Team member.

On Instagram, messages will originate from @offthetrackpodcast.

All audio and video calls with minors are always conducted with more than one adult present in the call.

Volunteers are not permitted to communicate with children through unmonitored, private communication methods when acting in any capacity for Off The Track.